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Induction Hobs with Integrated ejs

2 Devices in 1.
Most efficient use of time, energy, and money.


BERLO's modern induction hobs with individual full surface hobs offer the best cooking experience.

Our Induction Hobs clearly upgrades the Induction cooking experience with elegant touch and slider controls that let you quickly, and easily, set power levels and cooking modes.

Built-in safety features like residual heat indicators, safety shutdown and timers, and more, give you peace of mind.


Our hobs have the ejs Extractor Technology built right into the unit in 2 different designs. Normal or Flush - both offer the benefits of ejs in the kitchen.

Smells, smoke, vapours, and moisture, are quickly and efficiently pulled away from the cooking surface, cleaning up to 95% of the air.

ejs inside technology
Induction hob with ejs built in under the unit to save space.


The Induction Hobs and ejs Extractor System are 2 devices in one. The ejs Extractors are actually built into the unit itself — it only needs one third of the space as other exhaust systems.

The ejs Extractors pre-filter the air that is drawn in, cleaning up to 98% of the grease and fat particles and moisture from the air. This means that the air filters do less work in the long run, making frequent maintenance and replacement a thing of the past.