Set the Mood

LED Lighting

Power and Cost Efficient


LED Lights last longer and use less power than traditional alternatives. Less waste, less power usage.
BERLO LED lights are integrated right into our appliances to maintain our principle of sustainability and good design.


Requires less power and has greater longevity than traditional lighting, LED lights a very cost effective. BERLO LED lights can be controlled from our appliances, making it easy to consolidate your kitchen lighting.

Adjustable Colour Temperature

BERLO's Bemotion LED Lights allow you to change the colour temperature of the efficient LEDs anywhere between Warm White (2700K) and Cool While (6500K).

You control the mood in your kitchen.

Neutral White 4000K

With a colour temperature of 4000K, this light colour is considered the most balanced and neutral form of white. Neither too warm or too cool, it gives the best colour clarity and brightness that meets all your needs in the kitchen.