Evolution of Kitchen Technology

Upgrading the Kitchen


In addition to the ejs Extractor Technology, BERLO integrates other technology into their products to move kitchen appliances forward into the 21st century.

There are many advancements developed outside of the kitchen that can be repurpose for our use. For example, the heating effect of microwaves was discovered in 1945 by an engineer working with Radar for the military. 2 years later, the commercial microwave oven was available to the public.

Just like the microwave oven, we hope to bring certain technologies developed outside of the kitchen into your kitchen.

Our Technologies

Some of the technology we use in our products


Research in Human Centric Lighting proves that certain light colours trigger certain effects in our body. Cozy Warm Whites help us relax, and Cool Whites help up concentrate.

Bemotion LEDs let you change the colour temperature of your lighting anywhere between Warm White (2700K) to Cool While (6500K) so you can set the mood of your kitchen as you see fit.


Nothing is more jarring than seeing a clash of light colours coming from our appliances. Whether it is a harsh, bright, fluorescent white whenever the fridge is opened, or a warm yellow light from a kitchen chandelier.

Each type of light serves a purpose so it is important that this lighting is uniform throughout the kitchen. Ambient Light technology lets you select the different colour to match what you're doing in the kitchen.


Cooking produces steam and moisture, this then turns into water. While water splashes and drips are commonplace in a kitchen environment, a clean kitchen requires that all of this is cleaned as much as possible.

INVVIFLOW is a patent pending technology that helps prevent the accumulation of condensation on the surface of our extractor hoods. Using 2 air nozzles, it redirects air being sucked into the unit out onto the surface, thereby preventing too much water from forming.