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Extractor Hoods


ejs Technology cleans up to 95% of the air before it is filtered thereby making less work for the air filters. Less work means lowering costs and maintenance frequency. Our hoods do not require any additional ducting so they are ready to use for recirculating air.

Our hoods are perfect for energy-saving houses, or rooms that are difficult to ventilate, because they remove a large amount of moisture from the air. Less humidity ensures that the indoor climate is properly maintained.


At BERLO, we create our products with high quality materials, like stainless steel and glass. Our products are designed with a classic aesthetic that is also future-proof. It will easily blend into any modern kitchen.


All of our extractor systems have intuitive touch controls that ensure you have full control over the extraction system, and it can also be used with our Bemotion LED lighting system. We have a wide range of LED lighting that can be installed almost everywhere. Control the extractor and lights all from the same unit.


Take control of your kitchen

ejs Inside

Next generation turbine system
The Eco-Jet System uses high powered centrifugal turbines to suck in air to be filtered. During the extraction process, the turbines already clean 95% of the air before it is filtered.


Adjustable Colour Temperature
Set the mood in the kitchen with Bemotion LED lighting. With a colour temperature range of Warm White (2700K) to Cool White (6500K), you get to control the mood.


Match the lighting in the kitchen
Premium Extractor Hoods have LED Light strips built into the hood. The light's colour temperature can be set manually or set to adapt to the colour of the working light of the hood.


Prevents Condensation
INVVIFLOW is patent pending technology that prevents condensation from forming on the surface of the extractors.