Advanced Air Technology

Eco-Jet System

Why choose BERLO and the Eco-Jet System?


We have cars without gas tanks, and vacuum cleaners without bags, it is now time to turn our attention to our other household appliances to improve and replace their existing technologies with better ones.


Based on research from the auto and aerospace industries, inventor Udo Berling developed a revolutionary turbine system that uses turbulence to clean air polluted by odour, grease, and moisture, by up to 95%  without filters. This system was repurposed and specifically perfected for use in the kitchen, specifically in Extractor Hoods.


Kitchen technology for the most part are long term investments for a home and are expected to last for years. BERLO was founded to implement this new technology for large scale production.

Two of BERLO's core design principles are inventiveness and great aesthetics, and we ensure our products' manufacture meet the same high standards of design.

Kitchen appliances are long term investments and are expected to last a long time. Given this requirement, BERLO's products are designed with longevity and seamless integration in mind.

What's the difference?

Conventional Ventilation

Air ventilation with grease filters
Conventional Method

  • - Up to 75% of grease and fat filtered from air.
  • - Odour filter must be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on the type of filter and frequency/type of cooking done. Not cost-effective.
  • - Increased fat deposit in the fat filter and unit housing.
  • - Decreased filtration efficiency due to filter being saturated with grease and fat.
  • - Frequent maintenance (filter changes) is required.
  • - Hardly any removal of moisture in the air.
  • - Room needs to be aired out after 15mins of use.
  • - Odour filters get saturated quickly when attached directly behind the grease filter.

With the Eco-Jet System (ejs)

Air Ventilation with Innovative Turbine Technology
Ventilation with ejs

  • + Cleans air, up to 95% of grease and oil removed.
  • + Odour filter only needs to be changed every 2.5 to 5 years.
  • + Fat separated / no gumming.
  • + Constant performance. No filter means that air moves freely in the ejs system. + Low maintenance frequency.
  • + Partially filters water vapour through the centrifuge.
  • + No need for room to be aired out.
  • + Ideal for closed rooms.
  • + High energy savings (suitable for energy efficient houses).
  • + No loss of suction power = Constant performance over the long term.

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ejs Extractor Technology is the next step in the evolution of the Kitchen.

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